IMG_2740_2I write to make sense out of the chaos of life, and what I can’t make sense out of, I practice the art of allowing as best as I can. In the meantime, there’s the beautiful mess of life and people and everything in between. I’m writing here about my adventures on the path to understanding.

I’m currently getting my MFA in non-fiction at Sarah Lawrence College, and working on a memoir, and am a practicing Tibetan Buddhist.

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3 responses

9 11 2009

i miss you. will be in nyc in december 09. will u be there? i would love to see u.

21 12 2009
Rod Morrison

Enjoyed reading your blog, writing is great medicine. Communicating through the written word can cause me to feel more ready for whatever happens during my day. Wyoming is a large empty spot, good for pondering, it has been refered to as, “The Big Quite”.

9 01 2010

Hi Bindu, I finally found you! Congras on your MFA. I am confident you will be a great writer. You have inspired many and one of those many is my “Self”. Drop me an email.

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