remembering our own and others innocence

6 01 2010

last week my girlfriend’s sister and her husband had their second child. a baby girl. they are young parents. 25 and 26. to say that they are doing an amazing job is an understatement. these are the kind of people that really should raise children.

these two pictures they sent out reminded me of how we all start out. fresh. innocent. vulnerable. a white canvas of endless possibilities.

then things happen. some of the things that happen as we grow up are painful and devastating and take their pound of flesh and leave their mark. it’s easier to

shut down over time than it is to open up.

it’s not easy to remember our own innocence never mind someone else’s. but how about at the start of this new fresh year, if we just drop all our big projects and push to achieve and get it all done for a minute, and remember how we all started.

even the jerks we encounter were once small children. jerks are jerks because of unattended and unhealed wounds inflicted upon them from childhood that they haven’t worked through.

a new year without compassion towards ourselves and others is a new year absent of our most beautiful aspect; our humanity. our power to be kind.

as the saying goes; it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

these pictures of Lena Elizabeth are all of us.

maybe it’s time to find an adorable picture of yourself as a wee one and prop it up on your desk and gaze lovingly at that sweetie-pie who survived it all and is still here.




8 responses

6 01 2010

Beautiful reminder. Thank you for sharing this.

7 01 2010

It’s funny you should say this. I’m an assistant principal at a very urban high school in Los Angeles. Whenever I call students in for any purpose – especially disciplinary – I try to get their cumulative record out and have it handy while we’re talking. Hidden among test scores, report cards, and other educational detritus are the students’ school pictures dating back to pre-k. Even the most recalcitrant teen was once a shining-faced little one eager for school. Just having that little reminder of a better day sitting there reminds me to be kinder to the student, and reminds the student that all is not lost. Plus, looking at the pictures gives us a bit of a bonding moment. It makes all the difference!

7 01 2010

My best picture on my desk at work is my aunt holding me when I was about a year and half old. The setting is the backyard of the house I grew up in. I love it for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it reminds me that I’m still that little girl (you can tell by the pensive, furrowed brow…8 )). It really is a great idea to have a picture like that….thanks for writing about it!!

8 01 2010
Karen Maezen Miller

I can think of the perfect gift for them, and if you send me their address, I will send it freely and with thanks to you.

8 01 2010

What a beautiful post. The world would certainly be a kinder place if we could all remember to stay open.

8 01 2010

this is another spot-on beautiful post. i just wish there was an adorable picture of the wee me. i had the look of the baby only a mother could love.

8 01 2010

Your sentiments found me at such a perfect time – this completely resonates with me. Thank you for sharing your insight. And welcome to the new arrival. She is beautiful.

13 01 2010

peace to the new family and to you and your girlfriend. amazing photos. thanks for chance to stop and take a breath.

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