album of the year 2009

10 12 2009

year in review 2009; album of the year:


i don’t remember how i came across this album. i am always surfing around on itunes hunting down the next soundtrack to my life.

or the next soundtrack to write by. or run in the woods, or ride the subway, or think.

music is essential for me to bring out my feelings and to move my feelings. ‘wait for me’ does just that. it moves me.

it’s ethereal and transportive and spiritual.

it softens the corners of my eyes and the edges of my mind, and when i look out and see the world, or think about things going on in my life that are confusing or are hurting me, or are beautiful and mysterious and powerful, this album’s musicality evokes the tender possibility of all things.




2 responses

15 12 2009

Have you heard Rachael Yamagata’s ‘Happenstance’ CD track called
‘I’ll Find A Way’? Love the Album.

18 12 2009

I would love to buy one or two songs from this album – which ones would you suggest?

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