blog finds of the year

7 12 2009

day 7 of year in review; some blog gems i found this year.

what’s incredible for me is that across vast space, the internet has aided us in finding each other, and connecting deeply.

for all the critics out there who say the internet is decreasing real human relations, i disagree. i have met people that i would otherwise never have known from blogs and twitter and consider them close to my heart. many i have had the warm joy of meeting face to face after meeting them on their blogs.

there are stories of people falling in love online. under the milky way.

here are some of my favorite blogs that i found in 2009;

for the mother lode of social media and sheer energetic power, and where it all began for me and continues for me; danielle laporte @

for expansive exciting social media ideas–i actually don’t totally understand WHAT she does it’s so broad– a finger in every pie with soul; gwen bell @

for the moments when i am feeling heavy and in a bad mood, and need a silly laugh out loud hit; danon sascoa @

for inspiration about the creative life; diane solis @

for the sheer beauty of living; tea and cookies @

for balls-to-the-wall with sheer vulnerability kind of blogging; penelope trunk @

and some up-and-comers;

video tutorial services; karen yaeger @

the journey of writing and self-discovery;  angela kelsey @

yoga, knitting, buddhism, general sass and fabulosity; becca grossman @




3 responses

7 12 2009

How very kind of you, thanks so much!

I agree, the internet is extraordinary and has brought me in contact with so much that amazes me—inspirational people, creativity, art, ideas, good writing, humanity, kindness. I try to balance it out with walks, and nature, and all the other important things, but my life would be a much paler place without it.

7 12 2009
Gwen Bell

Honored to be included in your roundup, Bindu.

8 12 2009

Bindu, wow!!! Thank you for the honorable mention! I am truly just overwhelmed – or maybe just got headrush from jumping up and down screaming oh my god oh my god!!! Really, thank you thank you thank you!!! All the best girl and when I get to NYC we’ll deff meet up for some tea!!!!

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