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1 12 2009

gwen bell, one of the super cool social media mavens, sent out this challenge today that i couldn’t pass up.

she sent out a list of prompts for each day of the month of december with the theme of “year in review.” you write on her daily prompt and then post them to your blog.

30 prompts, 30 posts, 30 days (and i just finished nanowrimo today–50,000 words in 30 days).

not being one for end-of-the-year type of sentimentality, i thought i would switch it up this year and take a look back each day and see what i could come up with.

the first prompt? Trip. What was your best trip in 2009?

i spent the summer in North Dakota with my girlfriend who was the choreographer in a summer musical theatre production out there. i took the summer off from working and mostly drove around and took pictures of the sky and went to spin class at the YMCA and tried to write. my girlfriend grew up there and it’s where her many generational family still resides.

we drove out from NYC, and the time in the car was magical and suspended in the way road trips with someone you love are, and the three days it took to get there unwound me in the way that driving from urban to farm-country can do so righteously.

north dakota is a beautiful place in its sparse landscape and sky that touches all the way down to the ground.

The people who live there consider friendliness to be a virtue, and the absence of basic aggression that is within them as a generalization, was restorative.

people who live in wide open spaces tend to be gentler.

it’s a culture of space in north dakota, and it seems that space opens people up while at the same time calming them down.

i took hundreds of pictures of the land. I couldn’t get enough of it. the greens and yellows and blues and browns and pale wheat colors soothed my eyes like a cool compress.

enjoy the 3 photos i took below:




4 responses

1 12 2009
Julie Jordan Scott

My “Best” posting of today features South Dakota… wild, eh? And your post below it, on pomegranates… i am working on a poetry challenge involving pomegranates. I love how this works.

I look forward to reading more of you this month!

2 12 2009
Kate T.W.

My husband’s family is from North Dakota. We still haven’t been. Thanks for posting this. Most of my knowledge of the area thus far has come from Louise Erdrich who does a lot w/ the land in her stories, but has to my knowledge never thought to have a character vacation there! Beautiful pictures.

2 12 2009
Becca Faith

Those pictures are AMAZING. I feel similarly about my hometown, which isn’t quite as rural as ND but is certainly a far cry from city life. I never appreciated it while I lived there; then, it was just small-town people and small-town thinking and I surely wasn’t like THEM no way…

Then I got to New York. And within seconds of meeting anyone new — from classmates to teachers to bodega cashiers — I would hear the same thing: “You’re not from around here, are you? You’re…too nice to be from around here.” It took years, but I finally learned to take that as a compliment :0)

4 01 2010

Those are amazing photos! It looks so open and peaceful there.

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