9 10 2009

i’m not sure how to write this blog without sounding like an egotistical maniac.

i have been teaching yoga for about 10 years now, and have been blessed enough to come in contact with thousands of people who are on the path of transformation. during this time, i was have also worked as a life coach and through that have come into contact with hundreds and hundreds of people through workshops and client calls.

i have loved the work and the people i have met and have given everything i knew to give to support people on their journey. i never really focused on promoting myself like my colleagues around me were doing, i just wasn’t drawn to that sort of thing and felt deeply satisfied by the work as it was.

i wasn’t living high on the hog, i was and am moderately getting by. teaching yoga is not the most lucrative business you could choose to be in, and life-coaching to the clientele i targeted, women who felt stuck in their lives, don’t have the deepest pockets in the world. i gave everything that i could and knew how too.

i mention the economics, because often when we don’t see ourselves in a “rich” position, we tighten and pull back on giving.

i have always been someone to whom giving has come naturally. i think i have inherited it from my mother who has been very generous in her life.

for me, it’s just the thing to do. yes it’s harder to give to people i don’t particularly like, but i try to extend myself equally without being impartial as best as i can. and sometimes i just can’t do it, and that’s okay too.

this week, an old coaching client from many years ago was re-introduced to me through twitter! (btw, twitter is one of the craziest, most fun rides i have ever been on).

my bff happened to mention her name as a possible twitter follow for me and i jumped when she said her name. i knew right away it was her. one of my all-time favorite clients, she had gone on to be a coach herself and it wasn’t so much we lost touch as i released her into her wild blue yonder, her training wheels of me, no longer needed.

we tweeted and then finally had a phone call–an over 2 hours phone call!

this old coaching client just “happens” to be a tech coach.  i have been looking for an affordable tech coach to take my blog and all i feel i want to offer out via the web to the next level. talking with her yesterday, she has decided to gift me with several sessions of tech support and idea building, because she feels such appreciation for what she gained from coaching with me.

i am trying as best as i can to make this blog NOT about i’m a good coach blah blah blah look at me ickyness.

this blog is about the law of generosity. i’m using myself to show you something very important about a principle that i am very moved by.

whatever we give, truly does come back to us. receiving back is not the motivation to give, but when we are generous with our money, our time, our energy, our knowledge, our presence, our cooking!! we not only lift others up, but we elevate ourselves also.

the word escrow comes to mind. it’s like you never know when things of merit you have stored up will ripen and be showered upon you. it’s such joy when the timing of the boomerang effect comes back to you just when you need it.

when in doubt, err on the side of give.

just give. give it away free. do something around the house extra, make lunch for your loved one to bring to work as a suprise, make time for people, listen! without interrupting! help someone out with your expertise, and do it just because  the principle of generosity is truly what changes things in this world for the better.

see how long you can go without any accolades ( my mother made our school lunches for over 20 years i think and how can one really feel appreciated? many mothers are the epitome of generosity.) can you go years of giving out of an abundance within yourself?

in buddhism, when we are on retreat we practice a style of eating called oryoki. it is a very beautiful and sophisticated, but at the same time very simple style of eating.

before we eat, we recite sutras called “the recollection of the noble three jewels.” there is a line in the liturgy that says, “through generosity one is free from enemies, generosity is the transcendent friend, generosity is said to be essential, generosity is the ornament of the world. generosity is the virtue that produces peace.”

be generous. give as much as you can and don’t worry about it coming back. i like to think about a giant pot of escrow that each of us has and by the magic of life, when we need it, it is sometimes there for us. you just never know what you will need ahead.

the cool thing about generosity? it’s connection driven. it occurs from sentient being to sentient being. even if it’s over the internet as in my case right now, it’s a person reaching toward another with a helping hand.

what more simple but profoundly moving act can we do but to give to each other?

“generosity is the virtue that produces peace. generosity is the ornament of the world.”




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10 10 2009

What a great reminder of the law of attraction in action. Giving from a place of attachment reaps benefits far beyond the tangible effects of this world. Thank you Bindu for giving to us the gifts of your spirit.

13 10 2009
Erin Martineau

Hi Bindu!

Great blog! i just moved to a farm after 15 yrs in NYC, and am blogging about it at — i see we’re interested in similar themes: food, life, awakening… The farm is small, organic, beautiful, about an hour northeast of the city, in Brewster, NY. i’m looking forward to following your pursuits and hearing about your insights.


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