our golden eggs

7 10 2009


i had lunch with a friend yesterday who is working hard to transition out of the office to do her own thing and work from home. things are really coming together for her. she is systematically organizing herself and chipping away at the jumbo to-do list that entails launching a business.

she has been in her field for 20 years doing what she does. she knows what she is doing and what she doesn’t know yet, she is learning along the way. she has created around her a strong support system of people who have all sorts of know-how that she is digesting and interpreting for herself and the direction of her business.

why couldn’t she go out on her own and work from home? she thought to herself 9 months ago. all she needed to do was think of what skills she already had and how she could create a business marrying her already-present skills and her desire to work from home, or even better, she thought, work location independent. she has a shot as well as anyone else in creating what she wants. which is to do what she already knows and loves  and support herself financially.

which got me thinking.

how many skills and how much knowledge are we all sitting on that could be turned into service for others which in turn could be doing what we love, which in turn could be supplemental income?

we don’t have to run out and quit our day jobs right yet, but we could add some income to what we are already doing. and who doesn’t want to add more income to their life especially if we discover some thing inside of us that we know how to do and have forgotten, or don’t think it’s worth anything, or just don’t know how to connect into the market?

my friend, who has known me for 20+ years, reminded me that in addition to teaching yoga, i used to make my living as a life coach. i had sort of forgotten that!

i guess because i have been doing other things for quite a while now and to be honest, i was a little turned off by the general quality of coaching i experienced out there. i invested a lot of money into my coaching training, as well as my yoga teacher training, as well as my three graduate degrees, and yet i sometimes am very blind about seeing my own ability to “put myself together and get out there.” i guess i can be sort of introverted and un-savy about things business. i guess i have bought into the myth of artists aren’t good business people.

i’m thinking it  is time for me to put all of these things together and offer what i can to people. do what i love–talk to people about life and spiritual path, and self-transformation, and creativity–and at the same time, take care of myself financially.

which got me thinking about all of you reading this. what trainings have you taken that you forgot about or put aside or were turned off too at the time, that you can revisit? what are you drawn too time and time again that could be an added source of income for you?

as you know from the blog earlier in the week, i am cultivating more prosperity both in my bank account as well as in my thinking, and from my perspective, the bank account reflects the thinking, so personal resource is on my brain.

what i am excited about is the unlimited potential of each of us, and the already existing skills and knowledge we have that we can either go back to, dust off and re-launch, or put out there in a totally new way like my friend is doing starting her own business form home.

i see that when i align my creativity to what i have already acquired along the way, both in formal education as well as personal development, and link that to business ( no longer a dirty word for me), that there is wealth on a personal as well as a material level.

it’s the hitch your wagon to a star kind of move. but we forget all the wagons we have in the garage!! we overlook them, don’t think they are valuable, can’t see how they could work as a source of service and income.

@helenkim of www.yourmoneyrelationship.com/blog sent out a tweet earlier this week that said ” at the heart of the insidiousness of under-earning is deprivation because you are not meeting your needs and wants.”

for me, one way to push back the pull of deprivation, is to remember what i do have. that everything i need is truly inside of us, that we are infinitely resourceful. and to connect those things into sources of income that serve others and give me so much joy. i really do believe that we are each sitting on a golden egg and we might have forgotten it’s under there.




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7 10 2009

Beautiful Bindu. A story I share, in many intersections. It took me about 9 months into my coaching career to embrace my other golden egg which is technology, and supporting others to iron theirs out so they can leverage the web to do what they love. For 9 months I resisted it, saying no over and over to multiple requests. Until finally, I turned toward it and began asking myself “How could this be for me?” Now two years later, I’ve found my fear of not doing what I love (coaching) getting lost to the technology stuff an illusion… again. I still get to be a coach, just not in the exact way I thought.

And gees Bindu, I can’t imagine who I’d be today if you hadn’t been a coach, when you *were* one. I do hope you can turn into that once again… for you (& your bank account) but mostly for the others who will benefit so greatly from what you bring to the table. yesterday, today & tomorrow!

Really nice to see you made it to the intertoobs also. 🙂

17 11 2009
Slim Jim

Yes, I too have been in transition, it seems it has taken me a long time to get where I am today and I am still working toward it. The thing I realize is since I’ve been doing what I do best for so many years, doing what people said would be best for me, I’ve hardened. And it took over 2 years to take the shell off, layer by layer. I am so happy that I am living my dream now, found the golden egg. About 6 months ago I created a vision board which included some pictures that were out of character, every morning, to this day, I enjoy the vision board, appreciate everything in my life and let go. I realize I’ve lived a life of more control than letting things be. It is such a wonderful thing to let each minute be, it’s invigorating, refreshing and fun. I find myself being silly and laughing more now than ever. I’m happy with each minute and appreciate everything that comes my way.

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