football and sanity

18 09 2009

confession: i am a big sports fan and really enjoy watching sports of all types both professional and non-professional. so what i’m about to write may elicit some of you out there to call me a party pooper, or even, a poor sport.

i can already hear my father saying, “sheesh. lighten up will ya?”

nonetheless, i must say that the $1.12 BILLION (yes i said billion not million) spent on the dallas cowboys stadium has left me a bit, how shall i say it? twisted.

at what point do the revolutionary’s from mexico and south and central america arrive here and lead us into a stop the madness uprising? because clearly, myself included, we are so asleep at the wheel and i guess anesthetized  from gluttony, that we won’t be riding in on horseback ourselves.

i mean, isn’t it slightly insane and a little disgusting to spend that kind of money on a FOOTBALL STADIUM when there is a serious education and starvation problem right here in this country? (forget the recession and all that heartache. i find things even more basic than that in this case).

did you know that in the united states, 1 out of every 8 child under 12 years old goes to bed hungry every night?

have you ever tried to sleep when you are hungry? well you can’t.

and its overwhelming to talk about the rest of the world hunger problem, but i’ll just mention that every year 15 million children die of hunger and leave it at that.

what about all the brilliant science minds and artists that are languishing in their homes and schools because they have never even HAD the opportunity to realize or actualize their natural gifts, talents, and interests because there is no money for private school, and the public school available to them is the one with the highest budget cuts in the fields of arts because apparently low-income children are less artistically and scientifically minded.

while there are a myriad of issues one could give money towards and that are completely worthy of attention, i mention hunger and education for children because they are SO basic. you can’t do much if you are hungry and uneducated, and it’s the next generations who are going to have to try and live here on the planet. we’ll all be dead, but that stupid stadium will still be standing no doubt.

if jerry jones has that kind of money or access to that kind of money, he should be doing something more spiritually evolved than building a football stadium. has he noticed what bill and melinda gates are up to lately?

where are the 10,000 scholarships for children in the dallas area to go to a top-notch school? where is the trust set up for the food pantry to distribute enough food so NO child goes to bed hungry at night EVER?

sure, mr. jones created jobs for the 11,000 people needed each sunday when there is a game and created jobs for all the people who built the stadium, but come on, who can make a great living or even a career out of selling food and t-shirts and cleaning up the stadium? these are just justifications of jerry jones and others like him to live this way. seemingly unlimited greed and in my opinion, simply unnecessary.

1.12 billion dollars could have done a lot of deep good for children. listen, the giant screen in the middle of the field cost 32 million. the screen alone cost as much as the entire old stadium did to build.

things are out of whack. the money numbers being thrown around in our country lately are like something from a financial science fiction flick. none of us even REMOTELY relates to these kind of numbers. and yet, the stadium will fill up week after week with people who will put the tickets on their credit cards and stretch to their personal financial limits to go to the game because we have created this culture where this is what makes a person feel better and this is “what we do.”

these are really kooky times. things are upside down. the things we should be caring about, like children, and our health, and working with our own pain as a way to create peace in the world, have been almost completely eclipsed by a long list of examples of misspent money. i wonder if when you get into a position of power, one automatically loses their sanity.

couldn’t a more modest stadium have been built? what about this idea of the middle way?

sigh. what to do. it feels like such a waste. oh, and is the building even green?!!!

i’m not sure what to do. i feel caught myself. the cowboys are playing my team, the giants, on sunday. do i boycott watching? if so, will one teeny little voice make any difference at all?

how do i navigate my way in this world of uber-spending and the ignoring on a colossal scale, the cost to human beings who are hungry and without access to the full expression of their gifts and talents through education, while large sums of money are insanely distributed in this country and even around the world? is ANYONE at the helm who hasn’t lost their marbles?

and dallas doesn’t even have a good quarterback. 😉




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18 09 2009

Amen girl!!!

18 09 2009

You really do need to lighten up a bit! Holy smokes, I think you are having too much fiber in your diet. But I am thrilled to be able to even finally get on your site! And besides, I have always had an unreasonable and totally unfounded and fundamental hatred of the Dallas team since that ridiculous male chauvenist coach with the pompador hairdo!

23 09 2009
Emma Springer

I totally agree with you. $1.2 billion for a stadium is a waste of money. I wonder why it cost so much money. That money could have been better spent elsewhere.

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