the virtual neighborhood

11 09 2009

since the post yesterday, i haven’t been thinking about much else than the blog and twitter. i apologize for the breathless run-on sentence that was yesterdays post, and how crammed together the visual of the writing was. i feel slightly embarassed! i don’t think i exhaled at all out of the excitement of writing that first post. i promise to be a better girl and make my MFA colleagues not want to disown me. but i’ll tell you upfront; i don’t like the look of capital letters and i’m not the best speller. you know who the best speller is? my mother. she can spell anything. anyway, i read several blogs last night about how to write a good blog and they all said the writing itself has to be very high quality to keep people’s attention. yikes.

late this morning, i raced home from work in the pouring rain and big wind–i actually wore a full rain suit today; raincoat AND rain pants AND gortex shoes out the door early this morning. i ordered the dorkiest rain pants from l.l. bean and as embarassing as they are to me and people i am walking beside, i love them very much and don’t get nearly enough occasions to wear them. i feel like i could do anything and go anywhere in them. the reason i raced home from work, was not to move the car because of street sweeping, that was yet another sidetrack, but to get on to the mac and write on my blog.

i realized in the subway that i could read all the tweets that came in on the iphone twitter app, and i was so entranced reading them, that i missed my stop and had to walk fairly far to the car. but here i am now, blogging to you and wondering WHAT exactly is blog-worthy material? i hope you will follow along with me as i learn!

today i am struck by how exciting and inspiring it is to connect to people. that we can really uplift and inspire each other by our expression. i think the initial thing that i am finding exciting about entering twitter and blogging is that you see that there are people out there who are really motivated to live to their fullest potential and to seek ways to understand themselves and their interactions with the phenomenal world.

conversely, isolation and absence from connection with others can be such a killer. i want to encourage all of you out there who feel disconnected or alone or uninspired to see what you can do to get connected. e.m. forrester has a quote that says, “only connect.” the energy that we sometimes have to push through can be like moving a mountain when we are in a rut of isolation, but i challenge you to take a little baby step today and reach out. do something different! re-inspire your life with a dose of connection. let it in.

i know the web gets a lot of looking down the nose by the therapists and purist’s, but as someone who is coming late to the party, i have to say, i feel a surge of positive energy and possibility in this virtual neighborhood.  and that even though i am not physically seeing any of you, i can FEEL you so strongly.

i am heading off to a weekend meditation retreat that’s at the shambhala center of ny. i’ll let you know how it goes. not my first by any means, but always feels like the beginning each time i sit down on that cushion to meet my own mind. “only connect.” i’d like to say my own version would be, “simply connect.”IMG_0066




2 responses

11 09 2009

Beautifully said. I’ll be thinking of you as you connect to your divine! xo

15 09 2009
megan m

hey lady, just letting you know i’m here….

been thinking a lot about exchanging self and others lately: aka: connecting to people.

such love,

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