first post!

10 09 2009

finally, i am starting my own blog. my refrigerator blew up yesterday (after my iphone died and my main client quit to do something else), and i was running back and forth to the deli to get ice to try and jam all the contents of my refrigerator and freezer into a blue plastic rubbermaid cooler while anthony, the nice plumber man who came over and saved the day for $300 and a new fan motor and computer for the (refrigerator’s have computers in them?!), i thought when i am going to document all the funny painful craziness of life like all the rest of the bloggers out there? so then today i had lunch with my good bud karen “jerry” yaeger (computer geek, videographer, thai yoga massager, and twitter-er @bklynyogini) moaning about it all and she said why don’t you have a blog? being the very motivated person that she has become, we walked straight to my house and after discussing our love of the yankees yet again, we went straight to wordpress and she set it all up for me and here i am; adding my voice to the blogging universe. is anyone really out there?




4 responses

10 09 2009

Welcome to the Blogosphere, yo.

10 09 2009
megan brunsvold

yahoo!!!!! I’m so proud of you and i love the name you chose. what an incredible way to turn the events of yesterday into positive action!!!!! can’t wait to read the next post. . . . .

10 09 2009

Love the first post and think of you often. Perhaps this will grow into the book that you simply must write… must.

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